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The Divine Space

Access the subliminal experience through the world of home fragrance, and beyond.

Consult our full collection, here.

Explore the core memories

Relive, expand, accentuate. Let your memory come to life 

as you revisit - and recreate - the deepest of senses with

our distinctive olfactory library. 

Imagining Light

Discover the complete Scented Candle Collection, made with pure coconut wax, in three new scents.


The full line-up is now available here.

Living With Camani

Part décor, part ambience enhancer, full of character. Find or define a memory to remember your spaces by.

Explore the world of Camani, a modern and captivating library of fragrant elixirs for rooms of today.

Nature Optimistic

Every purchase of our Hand Wash collection has the option to be delivered with a Custom Pump 

to work perfectly with your empty Camani Reed Diffuser glass bottle. Learn about our Refill Station here.