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Life with Camani

We invite you to explore the world of home fragrance and beyond - the story of Camani.

Indonesia's iconic scents

At Camani, we constantly try to introduce the joy of living with fragrance.

We believe in creating a harmonized welcome as you walk into a space by recalling the senses through memories stemmed wholly by the ever-charming olfactory library of Indonesia.

Enjoying the intangible

Does fragrance have a physical presence?

The question is - why do we keep on seeking the physical? As we follow a permeating fragrance across a room, we often encounter a memory, like a missing piece. At Camani, we aspire to create moments of old and new remembrance, and distill it into a collection of fragrance - the choice of remembering a memory through scents is yours alone.

the modern take of a scent library

A window to Indonesia's enchanting trail of fragrance

Our collection of room fragrance is available in the mood-setting Reed Diffuser, offering a lasting suggestion of ambience to a space, and the Room Spray, for that spontaneous burst of fragrance on demand.

A lasting ambience

Our Reed Diffuser comes with a decorative box and elegant ceramic top, inviting you to decorate a space with fragrance.