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Kemu Reed Diffuser

The kemuning buds creates Kemu - a completely modern scent of the vintage flora. A 'welcome' symbol, it radiates a space, pierced with citrus for an everlasting freshness and vigor.

Top Notes: Apple, Peach, Pinapple

Middle Notes: Kemuning and Gardenia

Base Notes: Amber and Vanilla


Introducing Series Three, with reusable decorative packaging and custom ceramic top to elegantly merge with your space.

A delicate yet effective way to scent your space, our Reed Diffuser is perfect for use in any area of your home and office. For a constant presence of fragrance, 4 to 6 sticks per bottle is suggested. Turn the sticks periodically for a fresh burst of scent.

Contains 200ml of fragrance. Made in Indonesia. 

Rp 388.000,00

Kemu Reed Diffuser

Rp 388.000,00