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Stala Reed Diffuser

Stala creates a wreath of powdery floral, amber and musk, a potion for the modern dreamer. 

The Limited Edition Camani Artist Series embraces the works of emerging artists, offering fresh designs periodically. The first Artist Series displays the work of Xarein, whose strokes are playful yet filled with soul - something that we maintain here at Camani.

Top Notes: White Floral

Middle Notes: Powder

Base Notes: Amber and Musk


Introducing the Camani Artist Series, with collectible packaging. Random packaging design will be delivered. Produced in limited quantity.

A delicate yet effective way to scent your space, our Reed Diffuser is perfect for use in any area of your home and office. For a constant presence of fragrance, 3 sticks per bottle is suggested. Turn the sticks periodically for a fresh burst of scent.

Contains 100ml of fragrance. Made in Indonesia. 

Rp 258.000,00

Stala Reed Diffuser

Rp 258.000,00