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A Guide To Our Home Fragrance Collection

The Character Object

The Reed Diffuser is part home fragrance, part decor. While the scent of your choice sets the mood or builds a character to a space, our custom glass vessel and ceramic top plays the decor part to the interior, elegantly.

The Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffusers are liquid room fragrance in a bottle, and ours use rattan sticks that are inserted into the liquid. These rattan sticks, or reeds, absorb scented liquid from the container and release fragrance into the surrounding air.

How long does a Reed Diffuser last?

Depending on the placement and how many reeds are used and how often they are flipped, a 200ml bottle should typically last for six to eight weeks.

How to assemble my Camani Reed Diffuser?

Your Reed Diffuser package comes with two items, the bottle in a hard box and the reed sticks in long paper envelopes.

Follow these quick steps for you to set up your Reed Diffuser.

Step 1

Open the sticks and set aside, returning the unused ones back to the envelope for storage. We provide 12 sticks per bottle.

Step 2

With the right side up, slide the upper part of the packaging vertically so the bottle stays inside the lower part of the packaging.

Pull the glass bottle out of the lower part of the packaging by handling the cardboard safety cover around the bottle's ceramic top, and continue to unwrap it.

Step 3

Release the seal on the bottle, being careful not to spill the fragrance (we recommend doing this over a sink or a covered surface). Keep the seal for storage or travel.

Step 4

Place the ceramic top on to the bottle, it is designed not to screw on to prevent the bottle's neck from breaking.

Continue by placing the sticks through the circle opening, pulling it out again to flip, and place the other end back inside.


Your Reed Diffuser is ready for use. Practice the same steps for any size of our Reed Diffuser.

Don't forget to flip the sticks, or replace them whenever necessary.

Ambience On-Demand

An instant ambience builder to a space, choose from our Room Spray collection for an intimate yet lingering effect.

What is a Room Spray?

Room Sprays are also liquid room fragrance, available for you to create spontaneous burst of scent throughout an indoor space, on demand.

How long does a Room Spray last?

Our Room Spray is contained in a 100ml bottle, which will typically last up to 30 days on a rate of 4 to 5 sprays per day.