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Ramadan 2021 Set "Dusk"

Welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan with our Series Three collection, the sun-kissed Kemu, ceremonial Pandan and graceful Bambu.

The Dusk Set is a library of home fragrance, the perfect option for a lasting impression with a 200ml Reed Diffuser in Kemu, a 100ml Room Spray in Bambu, as well as individually packaged 30ml Reed Diffusers in Pandan and Kemu.

Elegantly arranged in a custom printed hard box, the Ramadan Sets are crafted with silver print and mirrored detailing, Room Spray and Reed Diffusers are paired with ceramic tops in seasonal color. 

1 x Kemu Reed Diffuser and Rattan Sticks, 200ml
1 x Bambu Room Spray, 100ml
1 x Kemu Reed Diffuser and Rattan Sticks, 30ml 
1 x Pandan Reed Diffuser and Rattan Sticks, 30ml 
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Made in Indonesia.
Rp 818.000,00

Ramadan 2021 Set "Dusk"

Rp 818.000,00