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Camani Living Electric Lighter

Elevate your candle experience with the perfect companion: the rechargeable USB-C lighter designed specifically for scented candles.

Embrace effortless elegance as you light your favorite scent from our Scented Candle Collection with precision and ease. This sleek and compact lighter offers a powerful flame at your fingertips, ensuring a seamless ignition every time.

With its rechargeable functionality via USB-C, you can enjoy endless candle-lit moments without worrying about running out of fuel. Say goodbye to disposable lighters and hello to sustainability and style. Make every scent-filled moment even more memorable with the rechargeable USB-C lighter for scented candles.


This item is part of the Camani Living Collection, with the logo printed at top
12cm x 1cm x 0,5cm
USB-C recharge cable included
Rp 175.000,00

Camani Living Electric Lighter

Rp 175.000,00